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                       Thomas Lavin / Photography


1997                             Solo show at the Fahden Vineyards, Napa, CA

1999                             Founding member of fine-art photographic group “Imaginari”

2000                             Imaginari show titled “Out of Focus” at Oakland Art (dot) Gallery Oakland, CA

                                           2007                              Solo show at PhotoLab Gallery titled “Artist Studio”
                                                                                 Berkeley, CA

2007                              BAPC show titled “Landscape Revisited", Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

2008                              BAPC show titled “Whimsy” Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA

2008                              Local Voice 2008 juried show, Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center
                                      Walnut Creek, CA

2008                              BAPC show titled “Loss” Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, Ca

2010                              BAPC show titled “Synthetic Environment”,
                                      Mina Dresden Gallery, 
San Francisco, CA

2010                              Inaugural Photo Salon, PHOTO Gallery, Oakland, CA

2011                              BAPC show, ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011                              BAPC Show titled “Bay Area Street Photography  Now”, PHOTO Gallery Oakland, CA

2012-14                         President, Bay Area Photographers Collective
                                      San Francisco, CA

2012                              BAPC Show titled “Accident”, PHOTO Gallery, Oakland, CA

2012                              BAPC Show titled “Waterworks”, ARC Gallery
                                      San Francisco, CA

2013                              BAPC Show titled “Pop”, The Red Poppy Gallery
                                      San Francisco, CA

2014                              BAPC Show titled “Upon Reflection”, PHOTO Gallery, Oakland, CA

2014                              BAPC Show titled “Reconsidering the Horizon”
                                      PHOTO Gallery, 
Oakland, CA

2016                              BAPC Show titled “In Motion”, Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco, CA

              2018                              BAPC Show titled “Making of a Beautiful Bridge", Samurai Foto, Yokohama, Japan

2018                              BAPC Show titled “AnthropoScene”, ARC Gallery
                                      San Francisco, CA

2018                              BAPC Show titled “Of Dreams and Reality”
                                      Berkeley Art Center, 
Berkeley, CA

2019                              Kyotographie International Photography Festival, Kyoto, Japan

2019                              BAPC 20thAnniversary Exhibit, Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco, CA


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